- Sea, Forests and People: Visual Documentary Series Bahari -

   "Bahari" in Indonesian means Ocean. This beautiful word originally comes from "Baharu" that means sea or great river in Arabic.
   We named our independent documentary series "Bahari" that brings us images of such as sea, great rivers and beautiful sunrises of the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and South East Asian seas.

We are surrounded by great volumes of visual images at this Media era. However, truly interesting visual images that we really need to see are not really presented to viewers.

Researchers and educationists have been deeply concerned with the quality of TV documentaries that lack credibility and broad perspective with little regard for cultural contexts.

Professionals in the TV documentary industry have been long frustrated by the self-regulation by the Television stations and also their playing up to viewers and sponsors .

Thus, we have decided to start a new project "Sea, Forests and People: Visual Documentary Series Bahari" to produce documentaries with our own concepts and choices. In this "Bahari Project", researchers and media professionals that share the same objective collaborate and inspire one another to produce new pieces. We intend to continue this project over a longer span of time, reflecting experiences and new ideas we will gain through the project.

We believe that the dream of the media professionals which is to become free from the media giant-led production can come true. New innovation of technology for shooting and editing equipments has made many of us easier to do our own independent projects and that made us possible to start our independent label "Bahari".