Introduction of DVD Video Series : Bahari

Bahari Series No.02
"Asia's Oceans 1  Poison and Bombs "

What is happening in the Asia's Oceans now ?
Featuring 7 short documentaries on destructive fishing and live reef fish trade in Indonesia.

Poison and Bombs

Price for private use: 4,620 Yen (plus shipping fee)
Price for library & institution: 20,000 Yen(plus shipping fee)
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Color, 4:3 screen / Dolby Digital 2.0ch / Region-free, NTSC
Language: English/Japanese, Release Date: July 2004
Total Run Time: 106 minutes

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1. Where Do the Ornamental Fish Come From ? : 19 min

2. Diving for Sea Cucumbers : 18 min

3. Live Reef Fish from Ocean to Table : 15 min

4. Fishermen's Feast : 7 min

5. Dynamite Fishing : 15 min

6. Lecture "Destructive Fishing Practices and Coral Reefs" : 14 min

7. In Pursuit of Poachers : 18 min

Tomoya AKIMICHI   Marine Ethnologist / Professor - Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Masataka TAWA   Cultural Geographer of Fisheries / Professor - Kansei Gakuin University
Jun AKAMINE   Marine Ethnologist /Assistant Professor of Asian Cultures - Nagoya City University

Producer  Osamu Monden
Director  Kyoko Miyazawa
Assistant Director  Muhammad Ridwan Alimuddin
 Akiko Tahara
Cameraman  Kyoko Miyazawa (Part1,2,3,4,5,6)
 Osamu Monden (Part7)
 Horst Liebner (Part7)
Underwater Cameraman  Muhammad Ridwan Alimuddin
 Osamu Monden
 Masakatsu Oki
Editor  Osamu Monden / Kyoko Miyazawa
Sound Design  Noriko Tomatani
Narrator (Japanese)

 Kyoko Miyazawa / Osamu Yanagawa
 Takashi Suzuki

Narrator (English)  Mick Corliss
Translator for English  Mick Corliss
Translator for Indonesian  Takashi Suzuki / Kyoko MIyazawa
Pamphlet Editor  Takashi Suzuki / Kyoko Nakajima
DVD package (Production)  Yasuo Nakajima
Production/Copyright  Studio UMI Inc.