Introduction of DVD Video Series : Bahari

Bahari Series No.01
"Papua New Guinea / New Ireland Is."

Featuring 5 short documentaries on Nature and Human, Art of Handcraft on the Island !

Papua New Guinea

Price for private use: 4,180 Yen (plus shipping fee)
Price for library & institution: 10,000 Yen(plus shipping fee)
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Color, 4:3 screen / Dolby Digital 2.0ch / Region-free, NTSC
Language: English/Japanese, Release Date: March 2004
Total Run Time: 94 minutes

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= Contents =

The Dolphin Hunt : 38min

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Thorn-lined Fish Trap : 11min

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The Forest Garden : 21min

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Shell Money : 8min

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Weaving Bags and Baskets : 15min

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Akio Niizuma  Naturalist / Professor - Keisen University
Hisao Furukawa  Doctor of Agriculture / Professor Emeritus - Kyoto University
 Executive President of NPO MOYAI Network Partners for Peace and Environment
Akira Goto  Doctor of Anthropology / Professor - Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
Yoshihiro Hanashiro  Director of Arboretum,
 Ocean Expo. Commemorative Park Management Foundation
Eiko Tanigawa  Tokyo Metropolitan Norin Senior High Shcool
 Director, Friends for Perpetuating our Ancestor's Wisdom for Living with Nature

Planning  Akira Goto
 Osamu Monden
Camera  Osamu Monden
Editting  Kyoko MIYAZAWA
 Osamu Monden
Sound Design  Noriko Tomatani

 Keiko Yokota
 Akira Kinomoto

Narration (English)  Mick Corliss
Translation@  Mick Corliss
Superviser  Akira Goto
Production/Copyright  Studio UMI Inc.