Extra No.01 Traditional Navigation in Micronesia
English narration / Japanese subtitles
Region code free/ Produced in 2007

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1: The Pwo Ceremony - A Master Navigator Initiation Rite in Micronesia - 12 min.
This short documentary features the Pwo ceremony held in June 2006 in Polowat, Micronesia.
2: Lecture on Navigation by Manny Sikau 27 min.
The lecture was held at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in July 2007. Manny Sikau lectured on knowledge of Micronesian traditional navigation, especially about Pukof, Etak. Manny also presented the chant for good weather.

Director / Cameraman / Editor  Osamu Monden
Producer / Editor  Kyoko Miyazawa
Special thanks  Dr. Lawrence J.Cunningham, Manny Sikau, Kayoko Kushima, Ward Kranz
Production / Copyright  Studio UMI Inc.