Introduction of DVD Video Series : Bahari

Bahari Series No.03
"Okinawa's Fishermen and Their Boats "

Diving, Catching, Driving in fishes, and building a wooden boat ... Featuring 4 documentaries on Okinawa's rich maritime history and culture, focusing on men who harness the wind and sea for their livelihood, and who bring forth traditional wooden boats.

Okinawan Fishermen and Their Boats

Price for private use: 4,620 Yen (plus shipping fee)
Price for library & institution: 20,000 Yen(plus shipping fee)
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Color, 4:3 screen / Dolby Digital 2.0ch / Region-free, NTSC
Language: English/Japanese, Release Date: October 2006
Total Run Time: 131 minutes

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1. Okinawan Fishermen's Voyage to the South : 46 min

2. The last Skin Divers - drive-in net fishing - : 18 min.

3. Sabani History : 8 min.

4. Naoki Goeku's Sabani Building : 58 min.

Hisao Yamashiro   Uminchu pencil artist
Daisuke Takekawa   Anthropologist / Professor - The University of Kitakyushu
Osamu Monden   Documentary director - Studio UMI

Planning / Director  Osamu Monden
Assistant director  Kyoko Miyazawa
Cameraman/ Editor  Osamu Monden
Underwater cameraman  Kaoru Soehata
Sound Design  Noriko Tomatani
Narrator (English)  Koy(Part1,2) / Mick Corliss(Part1,3)
Translator  Jean Inglis, Mick Corliss
Graphic design  Studio MJK / Jun Mimura / Kan Mimura
DVD package (Production)  Yasuo Nakajima   SUHUF KRITASENI NUSANTARA
Production / Copyright  Studio UMI Inc.